Monday, May 10, 2010

Essay #3 I said In class, i want to do my 3rd essay on the subject of struggling. In a more narrow aspect, I wanted to talk about how throughout history and up until now, people have to deal with creating their personality in the image of someone else eyes. I've only picked a text right now and still trying to decide which movement can sit side by side with it.

...just wanted to know whether you would want us to pick 1 or 2 movements? I'm so use to teachers telling me to do 3 or 4 sources! lol

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Post #5

✰ Four Women ✰ By: Nina Simone ✰

-The reason I chose this song is because the lyrics are very powerful. Even though her words are simple, you can still put together the horrible story she is telling. I see her telling about a a black women who was rape by a white man and her child was sold. But even through such a tragic event, she managed to remain the strong, tough women she is. I think the name represents how delicate she still is despite the attitude she HAS to keep.

-For social change Nina shows that the possibility is very great! Her form of art, which is song, is a technique hundreds used to get there story across to the public. These songs contained hidden and sometimes blunt messages that involved situations slaves could not got to the authority's about, mainly because they run the risk of getting killed. In my eyes this song tells a story of rape. Now, if any slave accused a white of rapping them, they surely wouldn't believe them. I'm sure the man who rapped her already threatened her life if she told anyone. This form of art and many others is listened to and seen by all. Once a message like this is heard, the right ears will carry it to the next, which will spark an anger who will not tolerate this form of abuse. From there, you will get many who wants to end this barbaric act (and many others).

-This song definitely connects to both the Civil Rights and Black Arts Movement. In terms of Civil Rights, it's pretty obvious. The act of rape is just unethical and immoral! It is a crime all by itself...and if any cop or judge can't see that, they obviously go on to contradict their own job and duties. As for the Black Arts Movement, as horrible of a picture this song is, I still think people need to be remind of the horrors blacks went though. Although, I would vote for this kind of situation to be seen only through song. It's something you don't want to picture but can't help but try to understand, and at that point you can't help but imagine what's going's at that moment it strikes you and gives you a feeling of guilt and resentment.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Post #4

I think Larry Neal's opinion about ethics and aesthetics is very true. It wouldn't make any sense at all to apply and dedicate yourself to something you don't value. I see a persons aesthetics being the back bone and foundation when wanting to carry out an idea or making your voice be heard.

What makes art ethical is the person themselves. In some aspects art can appear by itself, but it still needs an initiator. Whether it be a person or nature itself, there's always some bases in which this "artistic piece" was created. Someone or something gave it, it's foundation and that is what it's reflecting. The ethics of nature itself have shown us countless times that art is all around us. When we see flowers blossom, spiders spinning webs, and even if your lucky enough to catch a glimpse of an aurora borealis. I do not think there is any non-ethical art. Everything has a foundation and rules it must or have always followed, it's when we take a closer that we realize what the hidden purpose of this beauty is for.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Post #3

For the black writer, Neal ask that his thoughts and ideas not represent or take images from the ideological society (based on white culture). He feels a whole new system is needed. If ideas are based from this culture, the black artist will have no future.

In relation to political struggle, Neal sees the Black Arts as the needs and aspiration of the black community (America). It is a way for blacks to tell "white america" what they want to be changed and that they are not going to live under the "white aesthetic" or Western Culture anymore.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Change and Me

To start off I've never had any real interest when it came to politics. I know it's a serious subject and is something we all should at least be concerned about, but I feel that at this point my voice is not as loud as it would have to be in order to enable change (at least in this aspect). I feel that the world today already has is mark and has already established it's future. Hopefully, it's not too much of a bad future but it's certainly a period I don't think I want too much part in. At this point I feel I should just move in my own path and not focus all my energy in cleaning up the mess of someone else. To me, it seems like society is just going in circles. Even though people are completely aware of the problems that go on, no one bothers to do anything about it! People act as if they want to do it, but from what I see, there's nothing being done. This world is a complete hypocrisy and I want nothing to do with it.

Anywho, the biggest expression to me would of course be music! It has helped me express myself more than any art or writing. People are filled so with many different kinds of emotions and music manage to touch on every aspect. You can shape it into any kind of mood you want. There's isn't any other recreational activity I know of that would be so abstract. You can't find a paint to describe you feeling "meh...", but there are hundreds of song who has that exact tempo, mood and sometimes lyrics. But on a different note, even if many wouldn't agree with me, I also believe sports are great expression exercises. As music enables you to shape, expand, develop your mind and personality, sports enable you to live or act out those feelings of adrenaline that music or certain moments give you. Hundreds of people have dreams or thoughts of flying. Whether you want to fly on your own or on the back of a dragon, the closest you can get to that rush is flying a plane or if your scared of heights (in reality) you can take up horse riding. While your at it, you can play some sort of epic or magical song to make the moment more real. Another situation is if you get a real rush out of fighting or physically competing with people, maybe you can take up fencing or ju jit su (any other martial art). To top it off, you can play the music neo and smith had their battle to! lol

As for social movements, I'm sorry to say that I haven't been part of one. I think I've just been on an "I don't care" streak most of my life. But one thing I would and WILL fight for is animal rights! I won't go into detail only because everyone is completely aware of what the problems are and we know where to start but like I said before, it's just going to be circles. Only difference is that I will push and push and push only THIS matter.